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Recruiting Placements

The UNC Finance Society takes pride in helping its members achieve top internship and full-time job offers across Wall Street, with thousands of alumni working in Investment Banking, Private Equity, Hedge Funds, Venture Capital, and more. Please see below for recent classes' recruiting placements. For reference, there are ~75 UFS members per class and ~350 business school students overall per class - nearly all students focused on finance are in UFS.

Recent Buyside Placements

Will Benson

Class of 2020 | Clayton, Dubilier, & Rice

Class of 2026 (Ongoing)

Junior Summer Placements

Goldman Sachs - Investment Banking: Micaela Leey
Goldman Sachs - Global Investment Research

Morgan Stanley - Investment Banking: Alejandro Herrera
Morgan Stanley - Investment Banking

Morgan Stanley - Investment Banking
J.P. Morgan - Investment Banking: Jane Ann Raeber
J.P. Morgan - Investment Banking: Kaitlyn Tozzi

J.P. Morgan - Investment Banking Risk: Chloe Pearson
Roark - Private Equity: Emma Gailunas
PJT Partners - Park Hill Group: Christina Steiner 
Bank of America - Investment Banking: Christian Kelley
Bank of America - Investment Banking: Clay Parr
Bank of America - Investment Banking (LevFin): Matthew Moore
Bank of America - 
Investment Banking (LevFin)
Bank of America - Investment Banking 

Bank of America - Sales and Trading: Kendall Coughlin
Deutsche Bank - Investment Banking
Deutsche Bank -
Investment Banking
Deutsche Bank - Investment Banking: Samhita Gattupalli

Guggenheim - Investment Banking: Nicole Roer
UBS - Investment Banking: Nitya Olepu

Jefferies - Investment Banking
RBC Capital Markets - Investment Banking:
Tracy Gonsalves
RBC Capital Markets - Investment Banking: Jillian Strebel
Wells Fargo - 
Investment Banking
Wells Fargo - Investment Banking: Kate Lawson
Piper Sandler - Investment Banking: Megan Dale
Piper Sandler - Investment Banking: Shuford Edwards
Piper Sandler - Investment Banking
Leerink Partners - Investment Banking: Chris Kaufman
William Blair - Investment Banking: Mason McDonald
Baird - Investment Banking: Christian Conway
Baird - Investment Banking: Nicholas Jones
BNP Paribas - Investment Banking: Grace Lanavas
Truist- Investment Banking: Alan Dimock
TD Securities - Investment Banking
TD Securities - Investment Banking

KBW - Investment Banking: Pierce Underwood
- Investment Banking
MUFG - Investment Banking: Jack Guenther

Sophomore Summer Placements

Silver Lake - Private Equity: Alejandro Herrera
Millennium Management - Public Equities: Nicholas Sodano
Goldman Sachs - Investment Banking
J.P. Morgan -
Middle-Market Investment Banking: Elia Movahed
Baird - Investment Banking: Opal Sharma

Davidson Capital Advisors - Investment Banking: Alan Dimock
Davidson Capital Advisors - Investment Banking: Christopher Kaufman


Class of 2025 (65 MM/BB/EB/Buyside)

Junior Summer Placements

Blackstone - Strategic Partners
KKR & Co. - Private Credit: Jacob Goldstein
Aquiline Capital Partners - Private Equity: Jerry Xu
Goldman Sachs - Investment Banking (FIG): Cameron Figueroa
Goldman Sachs - Investment Banking (Healthcare): Kiara Casmer
Goldman Sachs -
Investment Banking: Izzy Tuck
Goldman Sachs - Alternative Capital Markets: Ginger Jacobson
Evercore - Investment Banking (M&A): Beckett Kreter
Raine Group - Investment Banking & Growth Equity: Ben Heynold

Morgan Stanley - Investment Banking (Transportation): Elizabeth Kohn
Morgan Stanley - Wealth Management: Mason Kumiega
J.P. Morgan - Investment Banking (Healthcare): Henry Leasure
J.P. Morgan - Investment Banking (Healthcare): Eli Minsk
J.P. Morgan - Investment Banking (Diversified Industries): Isaac Maleh
J.P. Morgan - Investment Banking

J.P. Morgan - Private Banking: Brady Patterson
Bank of America
- Investment Banking (M&A): Audrey Gaskins
Bank of America - Investment Banking (Financial Sponsors): Zach Musthaq
Bank of America - Investment Banking (TMT): Rohini Kumaran
Bank of America - Investment Banking (TMT): Kayley Brady
Bank of America - Investment Banking (FIG): Donovan Gill
Bank of America
- Investment Banking (LevFin): Robert Forlines
Bank of America - Investment Banking (LevFin): Simone Mahoney
Bank of America - Investment Banking (Healthcare): Russel Tabor
Bank of America - Investment Banking (C&R): Katherine Ku
Bank of America - Investment Banking (C&R): Zoe Wolff
Bank of America - Investment Banking:
Paul Barton
Bank of America - Investment Banking: Tara Cornet
Bank of America - Sales & Trading: Alex Johnson
Eldridge Industries - InvestmentsThompson Schmeil
Deutsche Bank - Investment Banking: Kathryn Cummings
Deutsche Bank - Investment Banking (REGLL): Kate Clarkson
Deutsche Bank Investment Banking: Ryann Breslin

Citi Group - Investment Banking (FIG): Alice Dang
Citi Group - Investment Banking: Michael Zhang
UBS - Investment Banking: 
Nicole Belcher
Houlihan Lokey - Investment Banking: Blake Johnson
Wells Fargo - Investment Banking (Industrials): Manas Arora
Wells Fargo - Investment Banking (M&A): Anish Reddy
Wells Fargo - Investment Banking (Structured Products): Massimo Ansolone
Wells Fargo - Investment Banking (Industrials): Michael Skulsky
Wells Fargo - Investment Banking (REGAL): Matt Gallagher
Wells Fargo - Investment Banking (REGAL): Megan Vahey
Wells Fargo - Investment Banking (TMT): Ria Verma
Wells Fargo - Investment Banking (M&A): Rahul Konkimalla
Wells Fargo - Corporate Banking (TMT): Martin Rodriguez
Wells Fargo - Corporate Banking (Industrials): Madison Sirgany
Raymond James - Investment Banking
Truist Securities - Investment Banking: Nicolas Vecchiarello
Piper Sandler - Investment Banking: David Wang
Canaccord Genuity - Investment Banking: Justin Borja
Leerink Partners - Investment Banking: Greg Moneymaker
Santander - Investment Banking: Noah Gottlieb

Sophomore Summer Placements

Apollo Global Management - Private Equity: Megan Vahey
Berkshire Partners 
- Private Equity: Audrey Gaskins
Sixth Street - Fundamental Strategies: Paul Barton
Bank of America - Investment Banking (Industrials): Beckett Kreter

Bank of America - Investment Banking (LevFin): Cameron Figueroa
Bank of America - Sales & Trading: Alex Johnson
Deutsche Bank - Investment Banking (REGLL & Healthcare): Kiara Casmer
Deutsche Bank - Investment Bankin (REGLL & Consumer): Kate Clarkson
Wells Fargo - Investment Banking (Healthcare): Rohini Kumaran
Wells Fargo - Investment Banking: K.J. Mason

UBS - Investment Banking (TMT): Nicole Belcher
Davidson Capital Advisors - Investment Banking: Henry Leasure
Davidson Capital Advisors - Investment Banking: Nicolas Vecchiarello


Class of 2024 (39 MM/BB/EB/Buyside)

Junior Summer // Full-Time Placements

Goldman Sachs - Investment Banking: Emmy Smith
Goldman Sachs - Investment Banking: Devon Triplett
PJT Partners - Investment Banking (M&A): Alvin Zhang
Evercore - Real Estate Capital Advisory: Katherine Allen
Morgan Stanley - Investment Banking (M&A): Hughes Edwards

Morgan Stanley - Investment Banking: Brooke Ketterer

J.P. Morgan - Investment Banking
Bank of America - Investment Banking (Financial Sponsors): Chris Manzano
Bank of America
- Investment Banking (Industrials): Katie Dunn
Bank of America
- Investment Banking (Industrials): Wallace Foutch
Bank of America - Investment Banking (Consumer & Retail): Katie George 
Bank of America
- Investment Banking (TMT): Henry Foster
Bank of America -
Investment Banking (TMT): Megan Miller
Bank of America
- Investment Banking (LevFin): Meredith King
Bank of America - Investment Banking: Daniel Sheyko
Deutsche Bank - Investment Banking: Lillie-Anne Suber
Deutsche Bank 
- Investment Banking (TMT): Diego Cardenas
Deutsche Bank 
- Investment Banking (Healthcare): Anna Priborkina
Deutsche Bank - Investment Banking (REGLL): Karley McNeil
Deutsche Bank -
 Investment Banking: Taylor Bennett
Jefferies - Investment banking: Joel Funderburk
Jefferies - Investment banking: Yanchen Xie
Wells Fargo - Investment Banking (Industrials):
 Chris Kim
Wells Fargo - Investment Banking (Industrials): Matthew Yan
Wells Fargo - Investment Banking (Industrials): Ben Kulberg
Wells Fargo - Investment Banking: Sean Archer
Wells Fargo -
Investment Banking: Emily Shih
Houlihan Lokey - Investment Banking: Natalia Asguinolaza
Raymond James -
Investment Banking: Jack Hastry
Raymond James - Investment Banking: Aidan Schraff
Raymond James -
Investment Banking
Ducera Partners - Investment Banking (Restructuring): Zach Taylor
Piper Sandler
 - Investment Banking: Guilherme Marinho
Keybanc Capital Markets - Investment Banking (FinTech): Rishi Kulkarni
Scotia Bank
 - Investment Banking: Natalia Asguinolaza
Solomon Partners -
Investment Banking: Taylor Charles
Stephens - Investment Banking: Whit Edwards
BlackArch Partners - Investment Banking: Jacob Sims
Fifth Third Bank -
Investment Banking: Aakash Subraman


Class of 2023 (39 MM/BB/EB/Buyside)

Junior Summer // Full-Time Placements

Goldman Sachs - Investment Banking (Healthcare): Kent Schneider
Goldman Sachs
 - Investment Banking: Jackson Watkins
Morgan Stanley - Investment Banking: Rennie Pearson
Evercore - Investment Banking (M&A): Ian Agbele
J.P. Morgan 
- Investment Banking (Healthcare): Sandler Hoffman
J.P. Morgan - Investment Banking: Daniel Sang
Perella Weinberg Partners 
- Investment Banking: Sam Hobbs
Roark Capital - Private Equity: Peter Deering
Aquiline Capital Partners - Private Equity: Joshua Martin
Bank of America
 - Investment Banking (Financial Sponsors): Luis Mazzarri
Bank of America - Investment Banking: Michael Langston
Bank of America - Investment Banking: Kaelan Amin
Bank of America - Investment Banking: Raahil Madhiwala
Bank of America - Investment Banking: Julia Schwanz
Bank of America - Investment Banking: Grady Davis
Bank of America - Investment Banking: Macy Magan
Bank of America - Investment Banking: Jessica Hong
Bank of America - Investment Banking: Alyssa Abraham
Bank of America - Investment Banking: Rushil Patel
Citi Group - Investment Banking: Jason Yang
 - Investment Banking: Logan Riggins
Wells Fargo - Investment Banking (TMT): Temoor Dard
Wells Fargo - Investment Banking: John Kim
Wells Fargo - Investment Banking: Juan Luis Kruger
Wells Fargo - Investment Banking: Daniel Tafel
Wells Fargo - Investment Banking: Lily Fuller
Wells Fargo - Investment Banking: Daniel Sang
Mizuho - Investment Banking: Santos Centenera
- Investment Banking: Christian Hopper
Harris Williams - Investment Banking: Will Eudy
William Blair 
 - Investment Banking: AJ Cook
Raymond James
 - Investment Banking: Joseph Kelley
Deloitte Corporate Finance - Investment Banking: Lorenzo G
Deloitte Corporate Finance - Investment Banking: Jimmy Cybrynski
Truist Securities - Investment Banking: Reed Sweyer
Truist Securities - Investment Banking: Will Palazzolo
- Investment Banking: James O'Brien
 - Investment Banking: Milan Patel
BlackArch Partners 
 - Investment Banking: Alex Pardu

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